Eye examinations and screening

Computerised eye testing to determine the status of vision is handled by ophthalmologists who suggest the best treatment options and prescribe corrective glasses or contact lenses. They also assess if a patient is suitable for the modern refractive surgery which provides total freedom from glasses.

LASIK Refractive Surgery

LASIK is Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis. LASIK offers ease of procedure, lack of pain and almost immediate recovery of vision. It is a procedure in which the cornea is reshaped to correct all forms of refractive errors. Anyone over 18 with stable vision for a year is suitable for LASIK. It offers total freedom from glasses, no matter what the age or power of the spectacles. We offer OptiLASIK??? which combines today???s advanced surgical technologies into a procedure optimized for our individual vision needs powered by the most advanced WaveLight?? EX500 Excimer Laser.

Phakic Intra Ocular Lens implantation

This procedure is also called Intra Corneal Contact Lens Implantation. This is a totally reversible procedure where a high powered lens is implanted inside your eye through a simple surgical procedure.

PRELEX (Presbyopic Lens Exchange)

We offer this simple surgical procedure for those over 40 who have developed presbyopia, an inability to read fine print. When contact lenses and LASIK cannot help you this procedure will provide freedom from glasses.This procedure removes the natural lens inside the eye and places a multifocal lens like Restor for perfect near and distant vision.

We use the Infiniti with Ozil technology Phacoemulsification System, one of the best technologies in the world. This procedure can cure you of cataract and correct your vision in one sitting.

Micro Incision Cataract Surgery with Foldable Intra Ocular Lens

We treat the common cataract with Infiniti-Ozil technology, as an Out patient procedure. This is a no stitch, no injection surgery. Multiple Intra Ocular Lens options lets you choose the one that best suits you and your dependence on glasses post surgery is greatly reduced.

Glaucoma Diagnosis and Management

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in India. It is a silent killer of vision where increase in eye pressure damages the retina irreparably. We offer the latest diagnostics and treatments for glaucoma.

Latest Tonometers are used to measure Intra Ocular Pressure. Computerised Visual Field Analyser determines field of vision. Optical Coherance Tomography analyses the optic nerve. Lasers including Yag and SLT are used in treatment. Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty, the latest treatment for glaucoma completely reduces your dependence on medicines.

Retinal Diagnostics and Management

We offer comprehensive diagnostics and treatments for all retinal disorders. We have the latest equipment including Direct and Indirect Ophthalmoscopes, Fundus Camera. B-Scan, Optical Coherance Tomography and Red/ Green Lasers are available. A dedicated Vitreo Retinal Surgeon offers you specialized care and the retinal surgeries are done using the ACCURUS vitrectomy system.

Pediatric Ophthalmology

We offer treatment for Squint, Pediatric Cataract & Glaucoma with the latest modalities available.

Occuloplasty Services

We offer treatment for Ptosis, Ectropion / Entropion, DCR/DCT. We also have an exclusive Botox clinic for treating age related wrinkles on the face and also to treat hemifacial spasms.

Opticals and Contact Lenses.

Our in hospital Optical Dispensary offers a wide variety of metal, plastic and rimless frames for glasses, a range of Progressive Lenses and Indian and International brands of Contact Lenses.